Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rock Band: Rainy Day Fun

For those of you who have not experienced this game....let me just tell you about it.
I purchased this game for my Mother's Day present to myself ,
bought this for my son for an early birthday present.

I have resisted playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band because honestly, I know my limitations and I would become obsessed/addicted.
So today, as my son is at school, my baby girl and I have been singing Nirvana, Black Sabbath and the Yeah Yeah Yeah' name a few.

And just so you know, I can get 99% vocals on "Dead or Alive".... the only Bon Jovi song on there. But only in easy mode. I tried expert and FAILED!!!! It is not just enough to know the words, must be able to sing the right notes.
My son bans me from playing the instruments while we are in the competition mode, because, well, I am terrible. So while he is at school, I practice. So as to impress him and his friends when the do let me play along, which is not often.

Rock Band comes with 58 songs- you must unlock harder ones as you go along- so only a few are available at first.

It also comes with a microphone, the drums, a wireless Fender Stratocaster (which has lots of cool gadgets that I do not get to play because my son will not teach me), and the game itself.

My whole family has gotten into it, yes even my coordinated, extremely amazing fine motor skills sporting husband, who got 85% accuracy the first time he picked up a guitar.
He then hid behind the door and video-taped me secretly was I was singing.
See- Fun for the Entire family!

.....gotta run....he will be home from school soon ....and I need to finish.... unlocking level 2... on my solo tour before he kicks me off the game......and spray Fabreze or something so it will smell like I have been cleaning......

Notice the absence of my singing video.
Pictures may follow, however.

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Emmalee said...

Please post the video!