Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cyberlink YouCam

My friend Doc had a cool program and when we were on Webcam, he was able to do lots of crazy and cool effects.
I had to have it and found out there was a free full trial version.
It is called You Cam by Cyberlink and is great for hours of useless timewasting and enjoyment.
You can also capture screen shots and save videoclips- even direct upload to You Tube.
So, although I can not believe I am sharing these with you......
Here I am in all my glory on my You Cam. Guess which one I called "my new Double J's",
"the mullet", and
"I don't feel so well today......"
Download You Cam 2 and Install it....-
and share your hideous and hilarious pictures with your blogging friends.
It is free for 30 days.
You can creat special effects, make avatars that talk, comic book like words above your head.....

I did a video but had on no makeup and looked more "unpresentable" than the morphings....
so I will do one soon.....very cool effects and to buy is only 35 bucks!!
The full version son't watermark all images and video, of course.
It is a challenge!!! Post in comments so we can all laugh at you too.
I sat here all alone laughing until I cried at some of the images.

Amazing how many ways you can find to waste time and then blog about it.............

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Leigh said...


I have laughed until I hurt. Then my youngest son walked in and said, "What the? Oh my gosh mom! That scares me. Turn the channel!".
You have me laughing so hard! That is hysterical!