Friday, February 13, 2009

SmileBox Makes me Smile

I Really hate scrap booking. Sorry to offend those of you who are avid about it, but I got all the junk, did 2 pages and threw it in the trash.
Not crafty. No patience. Can't even cut a straight line. Too much overhead and mess factor.
I discovered scrap booking with Photoshop and did a few things of my own, setting it to music and printing collages, square prints. I downloaded some Digital Designs and it was really fun.
Very tedious and took me a long time because I am so picky and would work FOREVER on one design.
Then one of my students sent me a slideshow on Smilebox.
It was SO CUTE. And um, SO EASY.
I downloaded it and used it for free to make a few things.
Slideshows set to music, Digital moving scrapbooks, Cards.
All customizable, all downoadable, can burn to CD , DVD, email, post straight to blogs and other major site.
You can choose embellishment levels, if you are not really frou-frou, like me.

A WONDERFUL, fast, EASY way to make something beautiful.

I paid the fee to join- $5.99 after a 14 day trial.
You can still use all the features without paying, except customizing music- with the free version, you just get ads and your product is smaller.

I did this one I literally 5 minutes!
So check it out. Next time you need something CUTE, impressive and quick.
I love it! check out this family memory from our beach photos. It saves all your creations. You can choose from their 2000 songs for background music or a file from your computer.
All the perks of Roxio 10 (almost) and a 1/10 of the time with NO bugs and NO huge load and burn time. Oh, and you can import your email contacts for sending directly from Smilebox. You can print full pages, Download as high quality .jpgs. Wow!
It does download a small application to your computer, but a small file.

I have had SEVERAL hits on my site wondering how to "disable"Smile Box-- Go to the start menu and type MSCONFIG in the search on vista or at run in any Windows version.
CLICK on the START UP tab.
Find the startup applications list- UNCHECK SMilebox, and anything else you DO NOT need on startup for that matter (which should not leave many things checked...BTW.)

It does tend to want to run on start up and every time pictures are added to your computer, it prompts you to Make a Smilebox....just disable it on startup- my only negative about this littly ditty.
Save your Photoshopping skills for other things....these scrapbook pages, cards and slideshows are amazing!

Click to play family
Create your own scrapbook - Powered by Smilebox
Make a Smilebox scrapbook


jennifer said...

That was really good! I have seen SOMETHING Smilebox before I just remember where or what (hows that for vague).

I may have to look into it!!

Bama Belle said...

Love this! I am going to have to try it! Big hugs we missed you last night, I hope all are feeling better your way!

Leigh said...

I had seen smilebox before, but I havent ever tried to use it. I am like you ...bought scrapbooking and hated it. I could deface the pictures (sorry Jen). I will try this out though. Thanks for the heads up.
Hey-read all of your books. Thanks so much. I will drop by your house. Hope everyone is feeling better. We need to get together-even for a margarita at San An. Call me.


I love Smilebox! I also have used PhotoStory and made a DVD out of it...for my daughter for her 28th easy and free. I am a follower of Leigh at Bloggeritaville....she sent me to you.....and I loved reading your blog so much I may become a follower of you too.