Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Am ALL ABOUT Pictures:

I am all about pictures. Obviously, Huh.
I have done some neat things with my own pictures and with my students that I want to share.
Kinda a tech review.
I have already told you about where I order my prints,, the greatest photo lab on the planet.
I discovered a few programs and websites lately that are really cool tools that I want to share with you as well.
I did a portrait of each one of my students, on a brick wall at the school.
We took those portraits and used photo editing website.
There are easy touch ups, amazing filters (effects), text, stickers, collages, cards....all that you can used for the most part, FREE and WITHOUT registering.
Just upload, edit, download, print or share.
You can choose the Premium membership (29.99 for the year, reasonable, really) to access some extra special features, but most of the necessary tools and lots of cool effects are free.
You can also access your Facebook, Picasa Web Albums and many other services where you may have pictures stored from within Picnik.
Very easy, user friendly and very few quirks.
My students LOVED it and as low a grade level as 4th grade can navigate the site easily and produce impressive results.

So GO....Have a Picnik! It is lots of fun.

Coming Soon: 1 more photo website and a really COOL FREE Photo Program.
Stay Tuned.

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Charnita said...

Um, yeah...if you click on one of the pics and look closely, you can see how mentally ill I am. Over 1500 pics in that ONE Picasa Web album.
I know.