Monday, February 9, 2009

Blogging Fog and a Terabyte...An Update

Ok... if you are my true blogging friend and are still checking this thing, Thank you.
Since Christmas, I have been in a funk.
I do not like January and February.
All the happiness, joy, business and fun of the October-December festivities just make for a BIG let down for me after New Years.
We have had sick folks, passing away of family, COLD, school projects....more COLD.
I promise, I will be back to my self soon.
When spring arrives.
Kids and family are fine.
I am just- tired. Of being...a grown up.
I called my husband and resigned as a grown up today, but somehow that did not work.
Who needs responsibility? (Although he was helpful and did say he would call the "service" to see if they could send him a replacement. Umm....not sure if he was being helpful OR NOT?)
I just wanna do what I want. Is that too much to ask.....
Sorry- I am happy, really- just need SPRING. real life.....

I have still not ordered prints from my Christmas pictures or my family antique pics.
I am trying to edit and choose from Ally's 5 year pictures I took.
Right now I have 99 pictures in my cart at

I always back up all the previous years' pictures to CD in January.
This year my wonderful hubby bought me a 1 TB- yes terabyte....external hard drive.
A terabyte is s defined as one trillion bytes, or 1000 gigabytes.
So I got 2008 put on there.
And my OCD kicked in.

So every spare moment, I have been pulling CDs out of my chronological binder and loading them,
I FINISHED all my digital archives- back to 1999!
The thing will hold 257,000 pictures.

What is really cool is that I hooked the MY BOOK hard drive up to my HUGE digital picture frame and it now chooses one of the several thousand ( I am guessing close to 20,000) randomly for a constant slide show.
How long would that take for you to see the same one 2 times!????

My sister and I have rejoined and work on family tree research too- and we are adding pictures to the site as we go.
So while I do not have lots of excitement to post, I am doing exciting things. Well exciting to me anyways!
I am also reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower.... Anyone heard of it?

Stay tuned...trips, reviews, games....more real fun to come soon. I promise.


LauraBeth said...

I think we all get tired of being a grown up sometimes! TJ and I are taking our first vacation without the baby in 2 weeks - to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. I'm hoping I get some of my mojo back and feel more like a "hot chick" than a "mom".

I'm proud of you for getting all those pics organized, though! That's a feat in itself - I'm jealous!

Bama Belle said...

We are always here! Waiting for you when your ready! BIG HUGS!!! Be well.

jennifer said...

What is this 'grown up' that you speak of? I do not know this word.

Stinks don't it?

I get winter blues too, always have. But SPRING! Those blues make Spring even sweeter! Hang in there! I have already seen daffodils blooming and that means it's just a matter of time.

Leigh said...


Miss you!