Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I have been tagged many times for this list on Facebook.
So I thought really hard and narrowed all my randomness to 25:

1. I do not/can not collect anything due to by tendency to OVER DO any idea even resembling a collection. ( Some say I am Obsessive Compulsive. I say not. Well, OK , I am.)

2. I LOVE to shop, but go alone, get what I need and get out. I am not a browser or group shopper. Macy's is my favorite store. Only because I can't afford Nordstrom's.

3. I can never just buy ONE pair of shoes or one tube of lipstick.

4. My hair has been every color imaginable. Which one do you like?? Check out HAIR posts in my blog if you really wanna see all 761 colors and styles.

5. I secretly want to be a biker chick and wear Harley Davidson clothes. Maybe I will one day.

6. I could live in a house with no TV AND be just fine.

7. I never learned one thing in a computer class. I am self taught-Bought my first computer at Walmart in 1993. One gift I have is just technology. I can't cook, measure, craft- but give me a computer and I can do anything.

8. I once saw my best friend fall off a bus. In Mexico. In a red gingham dress. It is indelibly pressed in my brain and I laugh out loud every time I think of it. We also spent all our money at an open market buying stuff (deals) and didn't have enough pesos for bus fare back to our hotel. I also para-sailed on this trip. One of the most terrifying experiences of my life. Ask Jalon.

9. I started out in college to be a radiologist and then a nurse. After my 3rd chemistry class, I promptly changed my major.

10. I hate mornings. I am not a morning person and never will be. My son says I yell too much in the mornings. And I do.

11. I went to the same church for 30 years.

12. I lived in the same rural Alabama county until I was 35, then moved to a big city in the Sunshine state.

13. I never drank coffee until I lived in Florida. Something about being cold when it drops below 65 degrees. You know people wear gloves and scarves when it is 60 in Tampa? And take a jacket everywhere. I laughed at them then ended up doing it myself!!!

14. I never had a martini until I moved to Florida. Who knew there were so many flavors?

15. I am a terrible cook and hate cooking. I can make desserts, but that is about it. I once invited my sister and her husband over for dinner the first year I was married and cooked Chicken Parmigiana. I cut a WHOLE CHICKEN UP WITH BONES into 4 huge pieces I was utterly disgusting. I have improved little and I know it.

16. I have a very small tattoo and want another very small one.

17. I met my husband when I was 15, drinking a wine cooler in a driveway in high heels and a mini skirt at a friend's birthday party. Oh to be young again. We got married 6 years later. After being apart for 4 of those years. ( That was 20 years ago.)

18. I do not know my right from my left.

19. My 9 year old has to follow and remember directions for me when we go places . I am HORRIBLE at directions. Once in Florida, I was going to the bank, where we had been the day before. He was 6 at the time. Mom, where are you going, he asked. I told him the bank. He said that this is NOT where the bank was yesterday, but in the other direction. He was SO right.

20. My sister once gave me a bloody lip before school one day from throwing a shoe in my face because I was yelling at her that we were going to be late. I know some of you find that hard to believe. She hates mornings more than me.

21. I have never broken a bone but I have had surgery 7 times. More if you count day surgeries.

22. I am a headbanger at heart. (I went to a Kiss concert with my brother, his friend and my husband. My husband wore earplugs. Really.) I have seen Van Halen , Ratt, Cinderella and many more but my all time FAV is........Bon Jovi!!!!

23. I have an amazingly high pain tolerance.

24. I have a near photographic memory, although it is getting a little rusty.

25. ALL MY FRIENDS- Add the last one with a random fact that YOU would like to contribute about me and BE KIND.

I tag anyone who wants to participate.....it is fun even though I put it off for so long. I called my brother and sister both and asked them the first thing that comes to mind about me and included each of their answers.

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Dullbert said...

Sitting through a Ratt concert validates number 23 :)