Saturday, February 7, 2009

She is 5. And I must take her picture.

Revised because of Google searches.......from stupid people.

Isn't she the little model? Tucker Park- we trespassed at the cabin and it was worth it. I slipped her over the fence and I stood outside. She went on the porch and did her thing. Can you tell she has had her picture taken a few times???

.........And you know I had to change the title of this original post AND remove the PHOTOS because
SICK people out there search for in appropriate things ON GOOGLE
AND FIND THIS POST about my innocent beautiful daughter's birthday portrait sitting.
You never can tell what some people will take and make ugly.
Shame. Shame on you if this is YOU.


joellen said...


Bama Belle said...

So wonderful! I am still counting on us going in a couple of weeks to the gardens OK?
My Favorite picture was at 1:03 It took my breath away. She is so precious and you are so talented. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY GIRL!

Emmalee said...

Can you redo the video, but this time with the song "My Humps" instead?

LauraBeth said...

Gorgeous pics! She is so beautiful - happy birthday!

jennifer said...

She is SO pretty! It is fun watching her grow up on your blog :)

Leigh said...