Saturday, March 21, 2009

Who can Spend 80 Bucks on Shoes at a Candy Shop????.......Um, ME!

One of my favorite stops while traveling from the Gulf Coast home is Priester's Pecans.
It is a huge building right off of I-65 in Ft. Deposit, AL, just south of Montgomery.
Priester's has many things to offer- many reasons to stop....
For many reasons like:
Big windows that look into the candy and pecan kitchens
Picture Frames
Cute toys and Gifts
Shoes and

I have had my eye on SwitchFlops, by Lindsay Phillips, for a while.
So I purchased my kids some ice cream and shopped as they ate.
I got one pair of shoes- comfy, springy flip-flops.
And 3 interchangeable toppers for them- essentially 4 pair of shoes!
The shoes themselves are a little pricier than the average 10 buck slides ( at around $30), but they are comfy, springy, just the right height-- and provide the bottom for infinite choices of top!
I, of course, chose an animal print, a solid black and a silver metallic.
The shoe came with a cute black and white polka-dot!

So- for a little under $80, I got 4 too cute, too comfy pair of shoes for SPRING!


When we got in the car, my SON SAID......
"Only my mother can buy shoes at a candy shop!"

I got my eyes on some picture frames next stop.....


Leigh of said...

Girl! I LOVE that place! It is our bathroom put stop on the way to the beach.
IN Orange Beach they had those very shoes at St Charles gift shop for 10 bucks and 10 dollars per exchangable strap. Great deal! Wish i had known to get you some!
But you did rack up on gooides. I love the pralene and the cajun pecans. And oh! That pecan log! YUM!

Bama Belle said...

Priesters is my weakness as well. Any trip to the beach includes two stops there. one down one back. Let me know how you like the flip flops. I have seen them but wasn't sure if they would stay together well. So update us OK? Big hugs!

jennifer said...

I love Priesters!! I am not germ phobic (well DUH) so I love the free samples. I eat about a pack and a half of divinity just in the free samples. And we buy my mom orange pecans there too.

The flip flops are fabulous!

HotRod said...

I think they had those at the Hallmark in Alabaster, but I can't remember for sure. They caught my eye because I thought... "what a brilliant idea". Then I thought "who would pay for those". Then I got what I was sent for and got out! I can see how they would have appeal though.