Friday, March 27, 2009

Five For Friday : ReVived!

I used to write 5 for Fridays each week when I first began blogging. I was inspired on my way to work this morning and wanted to share my inspirations this morning- since they have been HARD to come by recently.

I am thankful. I am blessed.
I was complaining because I didn't get enough sleep. My 5 year old is a night owl and tells stories to me until after 11 PM this week. My son has been lazy about his homework and the sink is full of dishes from, well, from a few meals back.
I stopped at a red light by a convenience store in the pouring rain and was sighing because my morning had been so hectic and my life was so horrible. I had a million thoughts racing through my too crowded, preoccupied brain.
I happened to look over and see an elderly lady, clutching a small bag she had purchased coming from the store. She was severely hunched over from scoliosis or some spinal disorder. It was pouring rain and her pace was very slow. She, I am sure, painfully and slowly made her way to her car and ever so slowly raised herself to get back in. She was smiling. Patient.

I stopped right there and re-evaluated my morning, and really my life.
Really. Did I need to complain? I was healthy. I was dropping 2 healthy, beautiful, smart, happy kids off at wonderful schools. I had a fun job to go to. Hey, I had newly highlighted hair.
I said a prayer of thanksgiving and of repentance first thing today. We so often forget that our circumstances are really not bad in comparison.
We frequently forget that we a blessed in so many ways.


1-If your 5 year old wants to tell you a bedtime story and is so excited about her new haircut and showing all her friends at school the next morning that she can't sleep and you lose an hour of snooze time, BE HAPPY for her and listen and talk to her. You can sleep when she is grown up. Enjoy your family.

2- If your son ditches his homework because he is so excited about his first baseball game of the season and then hits a home run, take him out for Chinese to celebrate. (I guess then make him do his homework, or not as long as he doesn't make a habit of it...I know, I am a teacher, you know.) Remember what is truly important in the whole scheme of things

3- If your have old friends that you must give up due to life, a new friend will come along when you are not expecting it that will help fill your heart. Look for a new friend and enjoy getting to know their soul.

4- If you do things for the right reason, it still does not mean that if will be easy or fun. In fact, doing things for the right reason is sometimes the WORST choice as far as comfort it anyways.

5-Never feel sorry for yourself if you are healthy and have people to love. You have MANY blessings that are right in front of you , yet you still can't seem to see them. Look at your life from someone Else's perspective- you will be happily surprised.

Thank you, God for my life and my loves.
Happy Friday, my friends.


Lisa said...

Charnita, I find myself getting caught up in the "woe is me" frame of mind and then something smacks me in the face like the experience you had this morning. Nice blog; it made me stop and think and count my blessings!

jennifer said...

This was a wonderful post. Perspective is important. It says in Thesselonians (sp?) "In all things give thanks" - when we think about things the RIGHT way we can be thankful!!

Again, really good post.

Bama Belle said...

Great post Precious! Hope you are well

Leigh of said...

Well said. MIss you! Glad to see you posting!!!
Yeah for :
sons homerun
Daughter cute haircut
charnitas highlighted hair.
health and happiness

OK, when are we getting together?

ABBEY said...

That was heartwarming, Charnita. You are much loved and admired. And you have a very gracious way of figuring things out ...