Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blogging Fog Continues....

I was looking back over my blog post this year so far, and I have really written NOTHING.
I mean tech reviews and pictures aside- no personal reflections, no deep insights.
Why is that?
I do not sponsor or participate in Swaps. No contests, giveaways, author signings.
No book reviews or giveaways.
And my faithful blogger friends, you know I used to comment often.
I used to spend hours a day catching up on your world.

And what, may you ask, is the difference?

I started this blog as a stay home mom.
I worked in education for 13 years before my daughter was born.
And have stayed home a bit off and on since.

I was always used to working, having deadlines and needing an outlet for my creativity in some orderly fashion.
Blogging was perfect for me.
I felt compelled to write and produce for my, you know, hundreds of readers.
Still do.
If you didn't know, I joined the working world again this school year.
I am a technology specialist!
Yes, really, I am.
And ALL my creative juices are used to teach students 4-5-6-7-8 graders, to be exact, my passion for technology.
And let me tell you, they can suck the creative juices right outta ya.

Really, If I have to have a real job, I am honored to be teaching the future about the world of technology.

Since January, my grandmother passed away, my son had the flu, my daughter had an asthma attack and was sick for several days and I have had bronchitis.
I do still love to blog, but have had to take a break for the past few weeks.

Spring is in the Air.
Baseball is beginning.
Summer is around the corner.

I have lots of fun, exciting things coming up.
I hope to begin with some real blogging SOON!
So stay tuned....
My many faithful readers.


Bama Belle said...

we will be here when you can visit and we will always stroll by to check on you! We miss you terribly though!!!

Leigh of said...

It happens, my friend. I feel like I am in your same fog. I am lookinf forward to spring, maybe it will bring me outta my bloggy funk.

Lets get together soon

jennifer said...

I have you on my Google reader. I know you aren't posting much and I want to know when you DO. This post in particular hit at a time when I wasn't visiting around quite as much either.

But when you post, I always read you in my reader. I am thankful you have an interesting full life and are blessed with an awesome family that keeps you busy as well. I blog a lot but it is easy for me. Outside of my kids, I have NO life :) But it works for me.

Whether you are writing or not, you are still one of my treasured Blog Friends!!