Friday, March 20, 2009

The Shed- Best BBQ on the Mississippi Coast

Our first stop to eat for Spring Break 09 was this little joint just outside of Gulfport, MS.
When we pulled up, my son said....MOM, WE CAN'T EAT HERE! LOOK AT IT!
But my husband had already checked the place out and said it was GREAT BBQ.
I still was not feeling 100% or I would have snapped a bunch of pictures of the food and tasteful decor. But it was amazing BBQ.
My 9 year old ate a whole rack of baby backs that fell off the bone.
We sat outside on the spring day by the redneck wedding chapel and honeymoon suite.
And, of course, my thoughtful husband bought me a tank top.


Leigh of said...

I'll bet it was good, those hole in the wall places are th ebest. Clever tank.

Robyn said...

I LOVE the shed. My parents live not too far from there. They have been featured on Food Network's Diners Drive In's and Dives. Most definitely a Dive!!

jennifer said...

LOL on the shirt! I couldn't wear it - I'd be lying ;)