Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Skater Shoot

I finally ambushed my son for a few shots this weekend.  He never wants to pose.  Imagine that.
Each year I have posters of him done for his room.  
We have his Black Belt Poster, Paintball guns, and dirt bikes.
Ever since he was very small and would sit down and ride, he has ALWAYS loved to skateboard- and that love continues.
  He is getting quite good at the Ollie and, well other stuff too that I don't know anything about.

So while he Centers the ball, runs down batters as the catcher- in his free time, you can find him doing kick flips and all kind of other dangerous stuff.
I guess this is my little Skater Boy.
although he is not so little anymore!

And here are his buddies who I wrangled into posing. 
I had to shoot quickly- 
I only
had about 2 minutes before 

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