Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Make a Wall Your Life Story

I have been wanting to create a wall collage, but wanted to make it inexpensive and easily changed.  
I wanted to make it my travel photos. I picked 9 photos, which  was NOT an easy task considering my Iphoto library is massive.
I used Photoshop CS 5 to create 10X10 images. I did a mock wall in Photoshop of all the images, so I could get a feel for the total look. I used a water theme in the center squares and sepia architecture in the corner for some OCD pattern/artistic flare of course.  I sent them to Costco 1 hour lab only because I was home alone and wanted instant gratification and they do square sizes. Of course ordering from, Mpix Millers or Bay Photo is preferred.  I went to Michaels and picked up 9 LP frames. That day they we on sale 2 FOR $5.99. They are plastic, but you can't see anyting but the black border, so it really didn't matter.
I put the photos in, centering them on the white paper that was in the frames with some tape.
My sweet husband hung them- which was way more difficult than any other step to me.
The great thing is, I can pop the back off, and change the prints after my next cool trip.
I just ordered regular prints.  
If you wanted a permanent wall, I would suggest ordering Matboard mounted prints.
You can also find nicer frames that size.  Michael's had a large selection.
In one creative day, My dining room went from dull..... to ME!   Try it--- Or let me create a wall just for you.

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