Monday, May 25, 2009

My Little Man's Poster Collection

Each Summer I do my Little Man a poster for his bedroom. Above are 2007- his Black Belt Portrait on the beach the day he was awarded it- the day we got on the plane to move from Florida. The next one, 2008, is the RipStik craze in our hood. ((And before you dis my photos, MY CAMERA IS IN THE SHOP FOR 4 WEEKS! I do not even know how to take a photo with a view-finder.))
Here is the 2009 version..... I call it the Riverwoods Terrorists- Paintball is the current craze- and they go through thousands of balls a week....!

All 20X30....All so cool if I do say so myself!
Anyone want to order one?
I need more money for paintballs.

Hmmm......what will next year's be!
Hello blogging world....


Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

First things first-I missed you, glad you are back! For the summer, I hope!
What a clever picture and keepsake! I love that! You are always so ingenious with your collages! So cool! The paintball brings back such memories. My son used to do that with boys in our neighborhood. He was about 12. Every weekend they would either play in the woods behind our house or a parent would drive them to off 280 or Bessemer so they could go to battle. A couple weekends ago I sold all his equipemtn, ball, vest, guns, tubes, etc. for $25.00. A bargain! Some kid bought it, looked about 12 (with moms approval) and the cycle continues. MY husband liked to play it with him too. FUn memories! Great photos!

jennifer said...

The posters are AWESOME. The boys all look so tough.

Have a great week Charnita.