Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cafe Berlin- Huntsville Alabama

The Birthday Girl- Jessica, turns 17 this week and this was her choice for her lunch treat!

Cade is my cheese lover- he spit the muenster out PROMPTLY and impolitely in the fancy place! (I had to admit we all laughed....)

964 Airport Rd SW # 3
Huntsville, AL 35802
(256) 880-9920

Well, we did eat REAL food, but we were all so carried away sharing the goods, that I only got pictures of the cheese and fruit appetizer and the desserts---which were, of course the best part.
We all ordered something different, wiener schnitzel, Chicken Schnitzel Cordon Bleu, Schnitzel Cordon Blue (veal) and the house steak.
Along with that were 4 potato choices, boiled, Au Grautin, German Potato Salad, and fried. They were all amazing. I think I will just order a potatoe sampler next and my starches, LOVE EM.
But the kicker was the homemade dessert counter, which we cleaned out.
For authentic german food, fancy atmosphere and a wonderful change of pace- TRY German cuisine.
My son, who id very picky, sampled and loved it all!
Kinda pricey- $60.00 for lunc for 4!!
And that was the lunch menu. Of course the desserts were 7 bucks each!
Reservations required for dinner where there is usually a chance they will be full.

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