Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, I am still here. No posts last week...

For several reasons.

1. Reading

2. Yard Sale

3. Reading

4. Rosetta Stone Spanish

And I guess, taking care of the 2 kids is thrown in there somewhere.
We had a successful yard sale and Ebayed several profitable items as well.
Friday night was spent at home pricing items. The sale was from 7-12 and made us money for Christmas! Dave Ramsey really says to put it on debt.....any extra you have.....but do not tell him that a Barbie House is really expensive. And 4 girls and one boy. Plus the car, bus and dog.

I am finished with New Moon and over half done with Eclipse in the Stephanie Meyer Twilight series. They are wonderful tales and I even dreamed about the characters once or twice-- they are that vivid!

And then- we are all learning Spanish via Rosetta Stone. It is fun and addictive as well. My son and I started it this weekend. My husband has been studying for 3 months now. Language through total immersion....interesting. I do like the concept, but the grammarian in me still finds myself googling the articles and verb conjugation after the lesson. Sounds like a blast, huh? No really... it is interesting and a great goal to achieve. So far I can eat, sleep, swim, run and drink if in a Spanish speaking country.

And I can't roll my rrrr's and the voice recognition does not like it. My son simply talks louder...which does not work either!

Well there you go. My exciting weekend.
Oh, we did go out to eat Mexican Saturday night and travel to Target.

We also made brownies and stayed in on that cold day yesterday.

All in all, this was a great family time weekend.

That is what is important!

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Leigh said...

sounds fun! Glad your yard sale was a success. I wanted to stop by and got tied up in other things. Shoot. Glad it went well.