Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Big God

I have a blogger friend, Leigh, who I have been doing some graphic work for her blog in the last several months. She is a shining Christian blogger that has a gift for communicating. I have always been happy to contribute to her blog and ministry.
She has sent me really cool purses in the mail in return for my services.
She recently wanted a few more things done to her blog.
I agreed to help her.

Let me step back and say.....

As my blog readers know, we started on a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace plan for our family recently.
We have budgeted every dollar the rest of the year and I do not find it impossible.
just constraining and different and really NO FUN in the short run.
Believe me, the first months on this plan are anything but peaceful.
We have COMPLETELY changed our spending, giving and budgeting lifestyle- for the better, I may add- from the past 19 years of our marriage. We are not starving and have more than everything we need. So I do not mean to say that we are- just that change is hard in any fashion, especailly for me.
I have, however, had a few moments of weakness when I felt I would fall off the Dave Ramsey wagon. I even told my husband this weekend that he may come home any day and find the floor full of Macy's bags where I blew the bottom out of my Macy's charge account, which is now ZERO Balance, and being closed at the end of the month......

OK so back to the story: Leigh's graphics for the blog.
She wanted to pay me each time and I refused. She kindly sent me gifts each time....a DVD of her speaking, a devotional book, and the TOO cute purses.
I made a new button for her blog and emailed it to her.
And this week, as I was feeling very down and poor pitiful me for no apparent reason (other than I wanted new bazillion dollar boots.....or something like that....)
She had a blog post called MY BIG GOD.
A commenter told her she needed a new button to advertise her new Video blogging style.
She forwarded that comment to me- still with the MY BIG GOD comment heading.
I, my OCD self, made the botton immediately and sent it to her.

And lo and behold.
I got a Pay Pal from her sweet soul today.

I do know that God cares about all things.
Did God want me to buy the bazillion dollar boots or something else stupid that I do not NEED?
Did God want me to stop and THANK him for recognizing my efforts and give me a small smile from heaven in the form of PayPal? Perhaps.
All I know is that a small unexpected blessing from a Christian sister blogger made my day, gave me a happy heart and the will to NOT cover my floor in Macy's bags for another day.

Or two.
I can stop and be SO thankful for all I have- and not focus so much on what I want.
Thank you, God for caring and using others to encourage me.
Thank you, Leigh. You did not know anything about my feelings concerning financial peace today. Your Speaking Thru Me
YOUR BIG GOD post showed me that MY BIG GOD can speak to us in tiny ways to say.....
Keep the faith.

.....And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose....

Even blog buttons.


Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

if i could draw you would see a picture of a big hug!!! kiss kiss!!!

love, Leigh

jennifer said...

Oh WOW! What a wonderful testimony. God is good, isn't he!