Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mountain Trip: Party of 9 +1: An introduction to My new BLOG

The sum beams down on the snowy morning from our cabin.
Let me just say that having 7 children (and Coco the dog) in the house is always exciting.
Let me say that packing up for all of us to go to the mountains is even more adventuresome.
And the trip itself, well....Quite the adventure, indeed.
We had such an amazing trip and the children - most all of them said that it was the best Christmas vacation EVER.
What a blessing to hear the laughter and enjoy the company of those you love.

We were heading to North Carolina to visit family and decided to suprise the kids with a few nights in the mountains.  We booked  cabin last minute late one evening.  The next morning, I called to confirm the reservation and the lady asked me if we had 4-wheel drive.  I asked her if we needed it and she informed me that there was 10 inches of snow on the ground at our cabin!  She assured me the main roads were fine and to come on up.  So we packed up and DID!

Of course, first stop was the HRC-  My favorite place to visit in any city!

We had the children convinced we were staying in a cabin that was very rustic.  Needless to say, the accommodations were perfect and we all hit the hay to rest up for our snow adventures.

The next morning, all the little darlings pelted each other with snowballs from atop the treehouse our cabin had!  It was a fun time that we will never forget.

Check in next time to see more pictures from our snow adventures.
The little snow angels had a ball!

See you soon!!!!!~~~~

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