Saturday, June 20, 2009

TShirt Drawers Cleaning

(((First of all-----Hello Blogging World. My mind his not been here- I have had a writer's block of sorts- my life has been a whirlwind and my blog, well, has had to be on hold for a bit.
I am trying to get my head on straight- and my words back to flowing.)))

T- Shirt Confessions:

I have had some recent surgery with a long recovery period- so I have been sitting- reading.....listening to music.
I do not watch TV- so I have been trying to stay busy. Up until today- I have been content to rest and do nothing much but keep facebook and twitter busy.
Today, I felt good enough to do something....
I have not been in charge of laundry for several weeks. I know, tragedy!!!!
But I CAN'T seem to find anything.
I decided that my dresser drawers needed reorganizing.
I say reorganizing because I have a hard time throwing shirts away.
So I had dumped all the drawers on the bed- which seemed like a good idea at the time.
Pile 1- Tank tops
Pile 2- Hooters Shirts
Pile 3- Hard Rock Cage T-shirts
Pile 4- Other favorite t-shirts
Pile 5- Auburn shirts

I tired rather quickly and was left with a huge mess- but did discover some interesting things:

--Hooters shirts from 12 different locations, from Westminster,Colorado to Pelham, Alabama
((the oldest one being a white tank from Birmingham- I got it 11 years ago as present when I was pregnant with Little Man and attending the sonogram when I found out HE was a HE that would like hooters, I guess.))
--8 Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts: 2 from my FAVORITE location- the Grand Cayman Islands= I even have a pair of shorts from there too.
Others include a 12 year old Cancun one, several from New Orleans, Chicago, NYC and even a gift one from Athens, Greece- (I know, I didn't get to go YET!!!) I have a short and t-shirt set from the largest HRC- in Orlando that I loved to visit when we lived in Tampa.

And, I found this: Size EXTRA LARGE Rod Stewart t-shirt from 1999
I was 7 months HUGE pregnant with little man- I had black and white striped leggings that I wore so I bought this specific t-shirt to match. And 3 of me could fit in it now!!! But I have not had the heart to ever throw it away. Nor did I today, either. The music was so loud and he kicked the fire out of me the entire show!

Next up:We had a pizza and wing restaurant before we had children- and I have 2 of the t-shirts! I also have the video commercial that I posted way back in the beginning of my blogging that you can see HERE. Call that number and see who answers. Order a Dillinger or Capone pizza and some Fire wings.

Taking the prize of what may be the oldest t-shirt in the drawer:
We went to Maui for a week in 1995. We took a helicopter day tour of the island and I still have the t-shirt. It was so beautiful and I WILL go back there one day. And get another t-shirt from another helicopter ride.
I have a thing about getting t-shirts everywhere I go. Call it one of the many OCD tendencies I have.....but one thing for sure, I always have plenty of comfy tees and some great memories to go along with them.

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